Egyptian Academy of UC Maths

  • The Egyptian Academy of UC Maths differs from other centers that offer the UC Maths program as it has developed strategies for training and developing a collection of books that take students from the easiest to the most difficult levels gradually to suit all ages from 4 to 16 years.
  • The Academy is not only teaching the UC Maths program, but is also carrying out a series of activities and programs that increase the interaction, focus of students and increase their creativity.
  • The Academy is characterized by a great deal of transparency and clarity. The level of children in all the centers is shown in videos on YouTube as the Egyptian UC Maths channel. There is also a strong follow up of the children placed in the hands of the guardian in the students’ books, each level separately. There is also a strong system to follow up and monitor the trainers to ensure that the goals and plans are achieved.
  • After finishing each level, the student performs an evaluation exam to evaluate his level at the level achieved. He obtains an accredited certificate in each level and one certificate certified and documented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at all levels.
  • The Egyptian UC Maths program follows the Children’s Genius Development Association as one of its core programs for child empowerment to be the only accredited and licensed academy in Egypt.